Night Fighters Lures
Designed Strictly for SWORDFISH
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The first in a series of patent pending SWORDFISH lures. This one converts your big-game lures into Night-Time Swordfish Lures

Bryan's 1st Swordfish
Caught on a

Trolling for Swordfish is now possible for all offshore fishermen.
Troll your converted big-game lures at night and catch one of the hardest fighting fish in the world.
Most nights getting more hits than the majority of the guys out there Drifting.

A display of lures

All 6 of these have hooked up Swordfish

Transformers are now being used Worldwide!
United States:
Atlantic-Gulf of Mexico-Pacific

Africa, Australia, Bahamas, New Zealand, Mexico, Jamaica, Spain, Italy.





The Transformer SM

Lightstick Colors Available

Above is a Glow-in-the-dark Lure right after being Charged and Transformer inside.
Note the brightness of the Transformer.

The same Lure 15 min.

Only the Transformer is
now giving off visable light and continues to light up the lure.
This will last all night.

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