Night Fighters Lures
Designed Strictly for SWORDFISH
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Hey man....went out for the first time trolling for swords with a 3 line spread on the left side of the transformers, and 3 lines on the right with glowsticks. Went 2 for 2 with all bites coming on the lures with transformers. The glowsticks didn’t even get touched! Anyways, the bite is like hooking a blue (Blue Marlin)....I'm stoked and hooked on a much easier way to catch the swordies! I attached a pic with the 130lb, 60in sword I got the other night trolling... You got a new spokesperson for your product!





Orange/Green/Yellow Lure
Orange Transformer

This one was caught on the same night and released by George and crew.

After Drifting for 3 1/2 hours with only slashed baits we decided to pick up and try our luck trolling with Transformers for the first time. Within 15 min this fatty jumped our transformed lure trolled 30 ft. down.

Thanks for the hook-up.


Green/Yellow Lure
Disco/Pearl Transformer

We started the night late and decided to troll with your Transformers on the way out to the Sword-Grounds because it was already dark. We missed the first knock-down but boated this one that hit the Rigged Squid bait with Transformer inside, 15 min later. We fought it for 40 min. We were still 5 miles inside the 50 line and decided to call it a night early, we had plenty of time to hit 2 Georges for cocktails for the rest of the night. The wives didn't know any better.  : )

Thanks those Transformers rock!


Glow Squid Skirt w/ rigged dead squid bait inside. Lit up with Transformer
Yellow Transformer

Thanks Stewart that trolling was a lot of fun.


Green/Yellow Lure
Green Transformer

Blue LightTeaser

Old pic of one of the first Swordfish caught with the Transformers.

Black/Orange Lure
Purple Transformer

Nice fatty caught on Transformer.

Bryan & Charlie

Black & Purple Lure
Blue Transformer

Blue LightTeaser

Victor with Swordy

Caught while Drifting on a Rigged Squid Bait w/ Transformer inside.
Orange Transformer

Blue LP light also used at mainline to leader swivel.

Caught on glow lure.

Disco/Pearl Transformer


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