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The Transformer SM will turn your big-game daytime trolling lures into irresistible nighttime Swordfish lures, and your rigged squid baits into a life like color emitting squid.

Trolling and drifting for swordfish have now been taken to the next level, never seen before.

Transformer Colors

*Deep Purple *Mean Green *Ocean Blue *Pumpkin Orange *YumYum Yellow *Disco Pearl

(5) Lightstick Colors available to match the Transformers

Pink/purple, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow.
The colors simulate Squid, Dolphin, Flying Fish, Tinker Mackerel, Tuna, Bonito, and the deepwater creatures we only see on the Discovery Channel.

Lure Installation

I have teamed up with one of the top lure manufactures in the industry, to produce The Transformer. Made of a soft lure head material, so the swordfish gets the feeling it is striking the meat of natural bait, and will return to strike again. The Transformer sheds light where light has never been seen before. The Transformer attracts the swordfish directly to your lure with the life like colors of night creatures that the swordfish is genetically programmed to hunt.
                  Rigging your Lure with the Transformer

           Use crimp, beads, or rubber bands to locate your hook as desired.

Match the Lure to be converted up with the same color Transformer


Examples of assorted lures with TRANSFORMERS in place.
The photo above shows the variation of lure sizes and types that can be transformed.

(2) types of Light-Teasers are shown at botom of picture.
Both are very effective at drawing in swordfish to your Transformer luminated lures.

Break out those Marlin lures you haven’t used in years, or your favorite trolling lures, and transform them into Swordfish lures.

Plain squid skirts can also be transformed. The bottom squid skirt, in the picture above, is a “glow in the dark” type skirt, but this is only so the Transformer can be seen in the picture. Most squid skirts can be used, but it is best to select skirts that will allow the lightsticks to glow through the head area also. Be sure to choose squid skirts that will allow the Transformer to slide up and into the head area of the skirt, or an egg sinker can also be used in front of the Transformer to slide into the head of the skirt, “Wahoo style.” Match lure and squid skirt colors with Transformer colors.

I have found that brighter is not always better. I often only use two light sticks to illuminate the Transformers. Remember, swordfish have excellent vision.

Unlike the “glow in the dark” lures and skirts, the light sticks will work for several hours, if not all night, and give you a variety of colors from which to use. The “Disco Pearl” was designed to use four (4) different colors at the same time, simulating the changing colors of a live squid.







Trolling methods

Swordfish are not scared of the boat.  In fact, the boat at trolling speed usually draws the fish in closer. It is not necessary to troll all the lures “way-way-back” (WWB). I have had many strikes on the short line right behind the boat, within 20-30 ft. of the stern.

Use the same spread, as you would while trolling for Marlin, Sailfish, Dolphin, or Wahoo.

Swordfish will strike trolled Transformer lures popping right at the surface, even on full moon nights. I also like to “put one down,” like in Wahoo fishing. Use a downrigger, or the planer & rubber/paper clip method. The inline cigar weight can be used but I think the weight tends to help the swordfish shake the hook during the fight, and you will have to have some one wire the fish to the boat to get it close enough for a gaff or harpoon.

The Transformer can remain in the lure for both day and night trolling; no need to remove it when switching back to day trolling.





Rigged squid bait with Transformer 

Above, is an example of a Transformer installed in squid bait, to illuminate rigged drift bait. You’ve heard of the guys dyeing their squid bait. This is the real deal. This method gives the dead squid bait the realistic glow that a live squid emits.

The cutout in the lower squid bait is only to show the placement of the installed Transformer. Do NOT do this with your bait, the glow will shine through the mantle of the squid without having to cut any holes.

Shown in the photo below the (2) squids, is a chopstick used to push through the mantle tip of the squid bait, from back to front (left to right). Any type of thin poker can be used as long as it is large enough to make a hole for the leader line to be pushed through.

As you thread the leader up through the squid bait, push the Transformer up into the mantle and massage it into place, past the inner organs, as far forward as possible. The Transformer then pulls the squid bait from the forward most end of the mantle, and no pressure is on the hook, giving the squid the most natural looking presentation and swimming motion. The Transformer then holds the squid bait in place, and allows the squid to slide up and away from the hook during the fight.

The drifted squid will “swim” like a natural live squid. No “pin rig” or sewing is necessary. For those that sew the head to the mantel, continue to do so if desired.

The squid and Transformer will slide up and away from the hook when the swordfish is hooked up, the same as a lure does when a fish is hooked while trolling.

The Transformer and Lightsticks will be available in a tackle store near you soon. If they aren’t already, call or ask your local store to contact me. They will also be available online through some tackle dealers.

Transform your squid baits into life-like swimming and color-emitting natural baits that can be rigged and re-rigged in seconds.


Why use a Transformer?

Now, you can go look for where the swordfish are feeding, by trolling, instead of waiting for them to find you.

Do you ever feel you are not drifting in the right area? Do you think to yourself that they may be in closer, or further out? Do you ever get that feeling they are not on the 50 line that particular night? You have been drifting it for hours without a bite; you know they are up feeding, but where are they?

You can cover many times the water compared to the drift method, and if you want, when you find where the swordfish are feeding, drift it with life-like color-emitting squid baits.

You now have the best of both worlds at your fingertips. The advantages are obvious. You now have another tool in your arsenal of swordfish gear.

Do you want the advantage in the next tournament? Don’t just wait around all night for a bite, go find the fish! 

A full series of big game trolling lures, with the patent pending design will soon be in production. I have chosen to first come out with the Transformer. Those that still doubt the efficacy of trolling for swordfish, can now try it out, with out having to spend the $50 to $150 of the usual top of the line Blue Marlin style lure.
The next in the series of the Lures line to come out will be top of the line Lure Heads fully skirted, and will compete in quality with the best of the best, but stand alone at the top of swordfish lures with the TRANSFORMER's style.

Night photos of the TRANSFORMERS

Enjoy my secret weapon.

Catch ‘em up.
Capt. Stewart Gemmell

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